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Lawn and Landscape


Leaf Removal

Removing of any remaining leaves from entire lawn and bed areas, cut and trim passed flowers and shrubs


Spring/Fall Clean-Up

Remove remaining leaves and debris from turf and bed areas


Pre-Emergent Treatment

Helps prevent the growth of new weeds in beds


Grass Cutting

Cut grass, remove trash from turf areas, pull weeds from beds, weed whack, blow off paved surfaces


Weed Control

Weeding of all bed areas and round-up on weeds on paved surfaces



Remove any accumulation of mulch from beds, re-edge, and install



Trimming of all shrubs and small trees

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Ronnie Cohen

All summer my yard looks GREAT!

Ronnie Cohen December 20, 2016

Pamela Jones

I have been pleased by the work that has been done regarding my landscaping. I believe your prices are fair. I really have no complaints and I have already recommended you to friends of mine.

Pamela Jones November 7, 2016

Tom Fanelli

Thanks for removing the leaves. The yard looks great!!

Tom Fanelli December 20, 2016