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Lawn and Landscape


Leaf Removal

Removing of any remaining leaves from entire lawn and bed areas, cut and trim passed flowers and shrubs


Spring/Fall Clean-Up

Remove remaining leaves and debris from turf and bed areas


Pre-Emergent Treatment

Helps prevent the growth of new weeds in beds


Grass Cutting

Cut grass, remove trash from turf areas, pull weeds from beds, weed whack, blow off paved surfaces


Weed Control

Weeding of all bed areas and round-up on weeds on paved surfaces



Remove any accumulation of mulch from beds, re-edge, and install



Trimming of all shrubs and small trees

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What are our customers saying?

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Edward Decker

Great service at a reasonable price

Edward Decker January 10, 2017

Terry Tobias

Very thorough and professional.

Terry Tobias November 28, 2016

Patty Wheeler

Consistently provided excellent service. They paid attention to the weather forecast–cutting grass ahead of rain OR not cutting when it was dry and unnecessary. You are appreciated!

Patty Wheeler October 31, 2016

Kathy Chuppe

Reliable, efficient and reasonably priced.

Kathy Chuppe January 4, 2017

Michael DiFonzo

Always prompt and professional service.

Michael DiFonzo November 23, 2016

Julie MacDonald

The customer service is wonderful, and the landscaping services are good as well. I moved recently and Penny Hill scheduled an appointment promptly after my initial inquiry. All inquiries since then have been handled promptly as well.

Julie MacDonald October 24, 2016

Lori Nye

Excellent, friendly, responsive service. Makes our life easier!

Lori Nye April 13, 2017

A Better Chance for Our Children

Quality work. Reasonable price. Friendly staff. What else could you ask for?

A Better Chance for Our Children October 26, 2016

Bonnie Dill

Always quick, very professional & pleasant.

Bonnie Dill October 26, 2016

Susan Dunn

Everyone involved in our project to add an extended stone walking area and edging to our driveway created a harmonious work environment. I would most definitely recommend Penny Hill Lawn and Landscape to anyone. Chris was always available to answer any questions and provide suggestions and information to move the project along.

Susan Dunn March 21, 2017

Doug Purse

the price was fair…the work done in timely matter….billing was easy

Doug Purse October 31, 2016

Denise Hilliard

Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Denise Hilliard October 24, 2016

Pamela Jones

I have been pleased by the work that has been done regarding my landscaping. I believe your prices are fair. I really have no complaints and I have already recommended you to friends of mine.

Pamela Jones November 7, 2016

Virginia Eisenbrey

Great work, thank you so much!

Virginia Eisenbrey April 18, 2017

Jennifer DiTomo

“Responsive, friendly, and meticulous workers. Both in the office and on site! : ) And fair pricing…”

Jennifer DiTomo March 15, 2017

Stephanie Cornell

Penny Hill always does a fantastic job! They are very professional and friendly.

Stephanie Cornell April 13, 2017

Patti Solge

I have always been happy with their service, they regularly do a great job!!

Patti Solge November 7, 2016

Lori Nye

Because our yard looked better than when we did it ourselves. : ) And it really saved us some time in our crazy schedule. Thank you very much!!

Lori Nye November 15, 2016

Michael DiFonzo

Great quality service!

Michael DiFonzo March 1, 2017

Ethel Thirtle

Penny Hill did excellent work in rebuilding our brick steps. Everyone was very professional.

Ethel Thirtle September 12, 2016

John Young

Very good job. Excellent cleanup.

John Young October 14, 2016

Kathy Chuppe

I have recommended you to a number of friends and business colleagues. I feel that the service is reliable and of good quality and the communication between the company and the client is exceptional.

Kathy Chuppe December 1, 2016

Kathy Chuppe

Work is consistently good. Staff is responsive and polite. Pricing for work done is fair.

Kathy Chuppe April 13, 2017

Pantazes Landscapes

Quality of work and value.

Pantazes Landscapes March 17, 2017

Don Ashton

Lawn always looks good and edges are great

Don Ashton November 8, 2016

Sara Bush

I had a tree and ornamental grasses removed. The work was done promptly and professionally! I will recommend Penny Hill to my friends and neighbors.

Sara Bush March 11, 2017

Adrienne Parker

Excellent clean up, accommodating schedule, great maintenance.

Adrienne Parker September 2, 2016

Ronnie Cohen

All summer my yard looks GREAT!

Ronnie Cohen December 20, 2016

J. Mark Lambright

Excellent service! Thank you.

J. Mark Lambright December 9, 2016

Michael DiFonzo

Great service at reasonable prices!

Michael DiFonzo April 7, 2017

Taya Dianna

Great work. Reliable. Would definitely recommend.

Taya Dianna October 26, 2016

David Melvin

Does consistent good grass cutting , excellent flower bed and had major trees done looks great

David Melvin December 8, 2016

Adrienne Parker

The job is always done thoroughly There is always a prompt response to my questions or concerns. I would recommend to family if the company was in other states too.

Adrienne Parker December 9, 2016

Rich LaRocca

Professional, Quick, Affordable and easy to deal with!!

Rich LaRocca October 31, 2016

Tom Fanelli

Thanks for removing the leaves. The yard looks great!!

Tom Fanelli December 20, 2016

Karen Delbuono

You do a fine job and always come when I call for a grass cut.

Karen Delbuono October 31, 2016

Louis Reardon

The great work and finished product.

Louis Reardon October 6, 2016

Michael DiFonzo

Great service with reasonable prices.

Michael DiFonzo April 7, 2017

Patty Wheeler

PHL&L workers have provided us consistently great service. The leaf cleanup was spectacular…not a leaf was left! Thanks so much for giving my yard the attention you would give your own!

Patty Wheeler December 14, 2016

Sharen Muldowney

Penny Hill Lawn & Landscape are reliable and professional and do great work. I would recommend them to friends, family, and co-workers.

Sharen Muldowney November 22, 2016

A Better Chance for Our Children

Prompt, courteous service

A Better Chance for Our Children December 20, 2016